Healing handmade jewelry, accessories, and decor. Black Queer woman owned. Made with love in Miami, Fl.

I started ABAjewels in 2013 when I wanted a specific piece and I couldn't find it anywhere (a pair of gold Ankle Cuffs). I've always been very hands on and creative so this was a natural and fun step for me, especially considering that I have a degree in Accessory Design. ABAjewels specializes in metal jewelry and accessories (think chokers, cuffs, rings, bondage-inspired pieces and metal corsets) as well as semi-precious crystal jewelry (from simple crystal necklaces and rings, to bold statement pieces and ornate crystal crowns.)

I make every piece by hand, and this is totally a one woman show from fabrication to marketing and everything in between. I also do a lot of custom work, consisting of consultations, research, and finally creating one of a kind pieces for both spiritual and aesthetic purposes.

My main goal is to make each client feel good- plain and simple. Whether it's the confidence someone feels wearing a sexy metal choker, or the healing someone gets from their custom crystal pieces, I believe that my jewelry has the ability to uplift and add more good vibrations into the world. I make each piece with love, as corny as that sounds, it's true! I feel the same way about cooking for friends- making people happy with my creations is what it's all about for me.
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